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15 Successful Years

Another year is almost history and I’m amazed at how quickly 15 years have disappeared!  Last night was a fantastic time celebrating the year with the current KD Painting team at Wildfire.  I’m amazed at how KD Painting has surrounded me with quality people of high integrity year after year.  People that think of others first and serve each other while they serve our clients.

The greatest lesson of owning this business for me has been the increased appreciation of serving others.  That in this life, if we focus on being others oriented, we will find true fulfillment well beyond the aspiration of personal glory.  My desire to serve others grows as I watch my wife, kids, crew, family and friends display their selfless actions daily.

One week ago we celebrated 15 years of painting and 15 softball seasons.  There was a room filled with incredible people that have given of themselves to help the cause of KD Painting.  I believe selfless people are the key to the fulfillment of any organization or institution having lasting longevity.  My favorite memory of the night is the laughter, conversations, and joy that filled the room at Cowboy Jacks.  It was awesome to realize that lasting friendships have been formed between people that crossed paths because they agreed to paint houses or swing a softball bat.

The KD Painting network has continued to grow over time one step at a time.  From the first day of work in May of 2002 with Sinok Lao by my side.  To the previous RK Painting days with Ross Hawley, Ryan Gould, Jenn Hawley and John Kess.  And the many years given to the cause by Ryan Stadler and Kelly Erickson.  To the current team of Ben Stadler, Ben Voigt and Luke Martinez.  God has sharpened me profoundly through each and every person that has been a part of KD Painting…And that has been the greatest gift of taking that first step 15 years ago!



Rymar Redwood Restoration

KD Painting took on an ambitious restoration project of a North Oaks redwood home.  The house had been left to weather over the decades, but the new owners wanted to bring life back to the siding.

So a month ago, the process began with power washing to remove the darkness and then using orbital sanders to knock down the raised grain.  But the most important step was finding the right stain that brought the redwood to life.

Most of the stains we tested just made the redwood look dark, similar to how it looked before we started the prep work.  We tested Cabot, Penofin, Spar Urethane and Water-based clear coats with no luck.  But Sherwin-Williams ordered in a sample of Rymar New Cedar and it became the obvious choice.  It was the only stain that brought out the grain and beauty of the wood.

We had no idea what to expect when the project began.  But in the end the house looks amazing!  See before and after photos here:

SW 2017 Color Forecast

SW - IMG - Colormix 2017 Holistic header

I like the earthy colors of the HOLISTIC palette, reminds me of colors from the arts and crafts period.  Check out the forecast yourself at the link below:

Click to access sw-pdf-cm17-fandeck.pdf


SW - Color of the Year 2017 - Poised Taupe SW 6039 - slide 5




Sherwin Williams has recently come out with their new fan decks that have reorganized their color palette.  I like that their monochromatic strips include more colors to allow you to have a greater range from light to dark.

They’ve also teamed up with Pottery Barn and have recently launched their color palette for the year.  I can speak about a few of the colors that we have used over the years.

SW - Level B header for Pottery Barn Seasonal Collection


  • SW 6244Naval: We’ve used this color as a bold accent, really pops next to white trim.
  • SW 7024Functional Gray: Can’t go wrong with a trendy cool color like this one.
  • SW 7566Westhighland White: We acheived a beautiful result with this color on kitchen cabinets.
  • SW 6107Nomadic Desert: Timeless classic that we’ve used over and over!

See the color chips at Sherwin Williams Site:  The vibrant colors of spring are here in the new Pottery Barn spring/summer collection. Color has never looked more impressive! From subtle hues to bold expressions, the spring/summer color palette is the perfect way to start off the spring season.

Sherwin Williams COlor Mix 2015: Optimistic Odyssey

Sherwin Williams has just released their 2015 color forecast.  Overall I like the Chryalis Palette the most, but also love the soothing blues in the Voyage Palette.  Take a look for yourself to see which colors inspire you to start painting!


Color Forecast 2015

The world of color is moving in vibrant new directions. Choose colors that inspire and speak to you and combine them in fresh ways that will put a smile on your face. Color Forecast 2015 features colors that can work for any space, whether it’s a dreamy bedroom or vibrant entertaining space.

  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Chrysalis thb


    We look to the earth and sky for inspiration with colors that create an oasis.

    View Video

  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Voyage thb


    From space tourism to undersea resorts, we look to beyond to find colors that are supernatural and magical.

    View Video

  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Buoyant thb


    Bright florals, green spaces, urban environments define the color in this palette.

    View Video

  • SW-IMG - Color Collection Unrestrained thb


    We celebrate bold, ethnic-inspired colors to the Bohemian lifestyle.

    View Video

  • SW-IMG - ColorMix 2015 Thumb

    colormix™ 2015 (PDF)

    What is your happy place? Maybe it’s a perfect balance of earthly hues or a magical alchemy of supernatural shimmer.

A Decade of Wisdom

KD Painting has made it to the decade mark, being established in 2002. After ten years of company ownership, I pass on the values I believe have sustained and hold true.

1. Pursue your passions: I love what I do! I was made to work with my hands and thrive on seeing results daily.
2. Work hard: Each day is a gift, don’t waste your life! Resist any urge toward entitlement, because nobody owes you anything.
3. Be generous: Pour your life out for others. Give your time, talent, and treasure, with a generous and happy heart.
4. Be trustworthy: Make sure you make every effort to follow through on what you say. Walking the talk is the best way to gain the trust of others.
5. Pursue excellence: If you are passionate about your work this will happen. You will be driven and motivated to do your best every moment.

After 15 Years of Painting…

Since today is my birthday, I guess I am officially wrapping up another year of painting.  I am so thankful that I love the work I do every day!  Here are my expert opinions on different painting products that I use on the job site:

(You can go to @KDPainting on twitter and click on the twitpic to see a visual of the product.)

#1 EXTERIOR PAINT Sherwin Williams Duration coating (July 15, 2011 tweet)

#2 EXTERIOR PAINT BRUSH Sherwin Williams 3.5″ contractor select angle sash (July 28)

#3 EXTERIOR STUCCO PAINT Sherwin Williams Loxon XP (August 6)

#4 INTERIOR PAINT BRUSH Corona Cortez 3″ angle sash brush (September 9)

#5 EXTERIOR CLEAR COAT Helmsman spar urethane (October 7)

#6 INTERIOR ROLLER SLEEVE Wooster Super Fab 1/2″ nap, 18″ roller sleeve (November 22)

#7 WALLPAPER REMOVAL PRODUCT the one and only DIF (January 3, 2012)

Sherwin Williams Announces their 5 Most Popular Colors!

Have you ever been in the paint store, chosen your color from the tiny swatch, bought your paint, and rushed home to get painting? You do the cutting on the walls and start rolling things out. As paint begins to dry, you start to panic because the color you thought you bought is actually a shade of pink or peach! Now you either have to convince yourself to live with it or go back to the store for more paint and a bunch more work!
Timeless is the way I like to describe all the colors in Sherwin Williams top 5 most purchased color list. These colors will look great over the course of time. They are nice earth tones that won’t surprise you once the paint dries. If you like painting once every ten years, these colors are for you!

So here they are…
1. SW 6106 Kilim Beige
2. SW 6107 Nomadic Desert
3. SW 6108 Latte
4. SW 6142 Macadamia
5. SW 6151 Quiver Tan

The Best Product out there for Painting Interior Trim

What is the best solution for interior woodwork? Some people use high sheen wall paint. Benjamin Moore is well known for its Satin Impervo. In new construction, lacquer is the norm because it dries fast and smooth as glass, but it stinks.
These are all viable options but I am convinced that the perfect solution now exists for residential repaint trim work. Sherwin Williams has come out with Sherwood Kem Aqua Pigmented Lacquer. Why do I say this is the perfect solution? Quick drying, smooth finish, acrylic base and minimal fumes are the reasons why.

1.Quick drying allows for multiple coats to be built up on the same day, which keeps the project from dragging on. Quick drying also means that less dust and debris will have a chance to settle in the product while it dries. This is the biggest frustration when using slow drying oil paint.

2.Don’t like the brush strokes left in woodwork when the paint is applied by hand? Kem Aqua dries as smooth as traditional lacquer. It leaves a beautifully smooth glass-like finish.

3.Forget about dealing with paint thinner to clean up hands and equipment. The acrylic base makes clean up much easier.

4.The best part of Kem Aqua is the lack of stink. The paint fumes are insignificant compared to the incredibly strong smell of traditional lacquer. This is the clincher when it comes to residential repaint scenerios. You won’t feel the need to flee your house for days while the painting is done!


5. Painting crews are smaller so the quality of your paint job will be better. No summer helpers will be working in your house, the true craftsmen are the ones that work all year long.

4. You are less busy and will have more time to choose your colors and move furniture. Summer schedules are so busy and getting that painting project finished is just one more stresser.

3. You will get quick service from your painting contractor because he is less busy. In the summer you will probably be on the waiting list for a couple months because of the busy exterior season.

2. Raw material prices for paint manufacturers keep going up. Which has been bumping up paint prices every six months. Save money on your paint now before the next wave of price increases.

1. The new low VOC paints mean that your house won’t smell from paint fumes. The new wave of ‘green’ paint is here and the greatest benefit is the lack of stink!

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